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Lorenzo Stefanini
After the Alma Cooking School, he continued his training with the Portinari brothers at Peca, then at Enrico Bartolini’s Devero, and then left for the Orient, stopping at Ippo Isakaya, Aoyagi and Ryugin in Tokyo. In 2016 he won the “Primo Piatto dei Campi” award in the national contest for young chefs under 35 organized by Pastificio dei Campi and LSDM.

Stefano Terigi
He graduated in Visual Arts at the University of Venice with a thesis on Ferran Adrià, during his studies he deals with the organization of art exhibitions and video production. He decides to give himself a chance in the kitchen, his lifelong passion, joining his friend Lorenzo in the family restaurant. He trained with internships in Piazza Duomo by Enrico Crippa, in Les Solistes by Pierre Gagnaire and in Wills Domain by Seth James. In 2017 he was named “Best Emerging Chef of Italy” during the Luigi Cremona Gastronomy Festival.

Benedetto Rullo Romano, after graduating from the Alma School of Cuisine, continues to train in the kitchens of Cerea da Vittorio and Guida al Pellicano. He then worked on Pierre Gagnaire’s Sketch in London and participated in the opening of Les Solistes in Berlin. The last experience before marrying the Giglio project is from Christian Puglisi at Relae in Copenhagen.

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