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The new experience proposed consists in being guests at home, avoiding having to do the shopping, dirtying the kitchen, organizing equipment and details, or having to reach the restaurant by car, looking for parking, dressing elegantly and having to respect timetables, constraints and rules dictated by the public place. A new way to surprise friends, family or colleagues, with high school chefs who prepare a personalized menu sewn on the customer’s needs and who perform, if required, in small show cooking performances, explaining in detail each step of the preparation, giving also some small tips and revealing the tricks of the trade. The “guests” just have to make themselves comfortable and enjoy the evening. At the end of the dinner, a real sensory and educational experience, the kitchen and the dining room will be rigorously clean and immaculate. The staff of E-Chef has scrupulous professionals and strongly respectful of the hygienic rules and privacy of the customers.

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