Damiano Donati

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Damiano Donati was born and raised in Lucca, he arrived in the kitchen at the age of 15.

After a path of professional growth directed towards the infamous “Michelin Star”, he discovered himself a farmer by vocation, taking off his apron and dedicating himself for 6 months to the cultivation of vegetables and cattle breeding on a closed-cycle farm in southern Tuscany.

In 2014 the project ”Punto, Officina del Gusto” starts, a real showcase for the cuisine of values and the ethical and cultural vocation that characterize Damiano Donati.

In 2017 he won the title of ”Best Trattoria d’Italia” for the guide of the ”Espresso”.

From 2020 Damiano begins a path of total autonomy, claiming the independence of the chef and the will to try his hand in always different situations.

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